Cats are a type of population, which cannot be created by the player directly. They are not affected by the population limit, nor do they consume food.

Creating catsEdit

Each time the player creates workers by clicking a button, there is a certain chance that a cat will be created at the same time. It is irrelevant if the button for 1, 10, 100 or 1000 workers is clicked, the chance of creating a cat stays the same. According to the comments in the source code: "This is intentionally independent of the number of workers spawned."Reliving zombies (undergroung deity) cannot get cats.

Upgrade Chance of creating cat
No Upgrade 1% per click
Lure of Civilization 2% per click

Deity of Cats AbilitiesEdit

The number of cats will influence the following abilities:

Ability Effects
Pest Control The increase in food production will last 10 seconds * number of cats.
Warmth of the Companion Each cat counts as an additional healer, but will not be affected by happiness.
Grace Increases happiness
Comfort of the Hearthfires Increases spawning of traders


The following achievements can be unlocked by obtaining a certain number of cats:

Name Description
Cat! Obtain 1 cat
Glaring Obtain 10 cats
Clowder Obtain 100 cats

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