Cheating is not recommended to do in Civ Clicker, especially on first runs, but it can be done. The cheats are accessed by using the browser's console. You can open the browser console in Google Chrome by simultaneously pressing "Shift + Ctrl + J". For Macs, use "Option + Command + J".Also, you can type in the address bar, javascript: before each cheat.

Gaining ResourcesEdit = # - Gives you an amount of a certain item.

(Ex: = 25)
ruinFun() - Gives you a large amount of each resource.

You are not able to increase the amount of unemployed or employed workers using this method.

Forcing Trades Edit

tradeTimer(); - Forces a trade offer to show up.

Wonders Edit

wonder.progress = # - set wonder completion progress percentage.

Population Edit

population.cats = # - Sets the number of cats

population.something to do with a population

Example - population.soldiers # - sets the number of soldiers