Masonry is an Initial upgrade that allows the building of Cottages, Tanneries, Smithies, Apothecaries, Temples, and Barracks.

In addition, this upgrade opens up the ability to research Domestication, Ploughshares, Serfs, Irrigation, Construction, Granaries, Basic Weaponry, Basic Shields, Horseback Riding, The Wheel, and Writing.

Initial SkinningHarvestingProspectingMasonry
Masonry DomesticationPloughsharesIrrigation  –  ConstructionGranariesBasic WeaponryBasic Shields  –  Horseback RidingThe Wheel  –  Writing
Construction ButcheringGardeningExtraction  –  Architecture  –  TenementsPalisade
Architecture FlensingMacerating  –  Crop RotationSelective BreedingFertilisers  –  Slums  –  Civil Service  –  Start Building Wonder
Writing AdministrationCode of LawsMathematicsAesthetics
Civil Service FeudalismGuildsSerfsNationalism
Trade TradeCurrencyCommerce