Neverclick is the achievement earned by having only 22 resource clicks upon the completion of a wonder. It is the most time consuming achievement to get aside from "Seven!" simply due to the fact that it requires an entire play-through but with minimal initial clicking at the start of the game.


The 22 resource clicks necessary are used to get 20 food and 2 wood. At the same time, it is necessary to gather a minimum of three skins, but it is recommended to gather at least four. With 2 skins and 2 wood, you can purchase a tent that allows you to then purchase one worker for 20 food. Immediately after buying the worker it is necessary to change their job to being a farmer, if you act too slowly they will die and you will have to reset in order to try and get the minimum of 22 clicks. The one worker can then be alternated between being a farmer and being a woodcutter until you have enough wood to purchase a wooden hut which can support another three workers. Continue collecting wood when possible in order to build as many wooden huts as possible with the initial skins. Once skins are exhausted it's necessary to unlock Cottages which can then be built in order to further expand the maximum population.

Once a sizable population has been reached, the hardest part becomes gathering herbs, skins, and ore. In order to do this it's necessary to buy their corresponding upgrades, but each upgrade costs 10 of their corresponding resource. The resources to unlock the upgrades have to be bought using gold from the trader. Expanding the storehouses should be the next priority, in order to be able to have the resources demanded by the trader. Once you have enough gold and can unlock all the resources the rest of the game plays out similar to any other.

Alternative to Trading for GoldEdit

Instead of trading for the initial gold necessary, it is possible to use Iconoclasm in order to get it. The fastest way to get the necessary piety is by having played through with the God of the Underworld Deity and unlocking 'The Book of the Dead' upgrade. This allows for deaths to create piety which allows the player to starve their workers until they have enough piety to use Iconoclasm on a previous Deity. The earned gold can then be used to buy the necessary resources to continue the game.