Population is a measurement of the number of individuals in a civilization. Having a large population is typically synonymous with having a strong civilization. Creating housing is necessary for having a living population and the living population affects the title of the civilization.

Zombies can be created by worshiping the God of the Underworld. Zombies require 100 piety and a corpse to create but are unique because of the fact that they don't consume food and they don't contribute to the maximum population.


Housing is necessary to increase the maximum population, which is necessary to having living individuals and reaching population milestone achievements.

Building Cost Max Population Change
Tent 2 skins, 2 wood +1
Wooden Hut 1 skin, 20 wood +3
Cottage 10 wood, 30 stone +6
House 30 wood, 70 stone +10 (+12 with Tenements / +14 with Slums)
Mansion 200 wood, 200 stone, 20 leather +50

Civilization TitlesEdit

Civilization titles are changed after achieving population increase milestones.

Zombies don't count towards civilization titles and will not unlock any achievements (except necropolis).

Title Required Population
Thorp 0
Hamlet 20
Village 60
Small Town 200
Large Town 2,000
Small City 5,000
Large City 10,000
Metropolis 20,000
Small Nation 50,000
Nation 100,000
Large Nation 200,000
Empire 500,000
Necropolis Zombies: More than 1000 AND more than twice the current population
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