Resources are the basic materials necessary to build and buy the various items and upgrades necessary for the game. There are ten resources including gold. There are three basic resources collected by clicking and seven special resources gained in different ways.

Basic ResourcesEdit

The basic resources consist of food, wood, and stone. They can be manually collected by clicking on their corresponding buttons or can be collected by workers.

Food is the most basic resource due to the fact that every living worker consumes one food per second. Food production comes from farmers and can be increased by a large number of upgrades as well as the production of mills.

Wood and stone are collected by woodcutters and miners respectively, and are both used for the production of buildings. Stone is mostly used for temples as well as fortifications and a few various other buildings, while wood is used in nearly all buildings but notably in building stockpiles and barns.

Special ResourcesEdit

There are several types of special resources: Secondary, Tertiary, and Gold


The secondary resources are skins, herbs, and ore. All secondary resources are collected as a by-product while manually collecting the primary resources that they are associated with, and can also be collected by workers once specific upgrades are bought.

Each click on a primary resource has a base chance of 10% to create its associated secondary resource.

Skins are the secondary resource of food and are necessary for the most basic of housing buildings but beyond that don't serve much purpose on their own.

Herbs are the secondary resource of wood and are used for the building of temples and graveyards.

Ore is the secondary resource of stone and doesn't have much use on its own.

Tertiary ResourcesEdit

The tertiary resources are leather, piety, and metal. To get the tertiary resources each type requires a specific building and worker.

Leather is produced from skins. Crafting leather requires a tanner and each tanner requires one tannery building. Leather is used in the most expensive housing building and is also necessary to produce soldiers, siege engines, and cavalry.

Piety is generated by clerics or through other methods once certain upgrades are purchased. One temple is required for every cleric created. Piety is used specifically to purchase deity upgrades.

Metal is produced from ore. Creating metal requires a blacksmith and each blacksmith requires one smithy building. Metal is used to create soldiers and siege engines.



The in-game gold icon

Gold is a unique resource that can only be collected by trading or the use of Iconoclasm. After certain periods of time a trader will come to the player and offer to buy large quantities of any of the resources, except piety, in exchange for one gold per transaction completed.

Gold can be used to buy other resources or 100 gold can be exchanged to speed up the completion of the wonder.

FoodWoodStone  –  SkinsHerbsOre  –  LeatherPietyMetal  –  Gold
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