In Civ Clicker, it is possible for your workers to get sick and/or die. 

There are three distinct ways a worker can die in the game:


Starvation is likely the most common form of death and is especially prominent in the early game.

If the number of food you have stored is 0, workers will start dying rapidly. 

The zombies dont starve


Workers have a chance of catching sickness and dying.

Sickness occurs only if you have unburied Corpses, the number of workers who become sick scales with population.  With a small population few people will become sick, with a large one thousands can become sick at once.

Healers are used to cure sick people, so be sure to have many of them on hand.  Cats also cure sick people, once you have them. Curing the sick uses up Herbs. Zombies dont get sickness


Soldiers and Cavalry can die when they go out to war or defend the civilization. You can decrease the chance of battle-related death by purchasing upgrades that improve your soldiers.