Stats keep track of basic information about each game.

Resource clicksEdit

Resource clicks keeps a record of how many times the player has pressed the "Gather Food", "Cut Wood", or "Mine Stone" buttons. It is necessary to keep this minimal in order to get the Neverclick achievement.


Main article: Happiness

Happiness measures the satisfaction of the civilization and affects the efficiency of workers.


Land is divided into three subcategories: Total Land, Total Buildings, and Free Land. Free Land is a measure of Total Land minus Total Buildings, and if Free Land becomes negative then it causes unhappiness due to overcrowding.

Total Land is increased by successful raids.

Enemies SlainEdit

Enemies Slain measures how many foes a player has killed in combat. Each enemy slain generates one corpse.


Main article: Corpse

Corpses are a cause of unhappiness and can cause sickness. They can be taken care of by clerics and an unfilled grave, or by reanimating them with the abilities of the Deity of the Underworld.

Unfilled GravesEdit

Unfilled Graves are created by building graveyards. Each corpse consumes one Unfilled Grave to get rid of.


Main article: Cat

Cats can be used as healers if you have the proper upgrade from the Deity of cats.