Trade is typically one of the last thing that a player unlocks. Trade revolves around buying gold with resources in order to use it for other purposes.

Gold can be purchased at certain slightly randomized intervals of time when a trader arrives. The trader arrives and asks for large quantities of resources. The amount is a randomized number between 1 and 20 times 5000 for primary resources, 500 for secondary resources, and 250 for tertiary resources. For each group of resources sold to the trader, one gold is received in exchange.

Gold can be used to buy upgrades to cause the trader to come more frequently or to speed up the construction of the wonder.

Finally, gold can be used to buy resources back. One gold can buy 5000 of the primary resources, 500 of the secondary resources, or 250 of the tertiary resources (excluding piety).

Trader arrival frequencyEdit

The arrival of a trader is dependent on the time that has passed since the arrival of the previous trader. There is a minimum waiting time between the arrivals of traders. After the minimum waiting time has passed there is a certain chance per second that a trader will appear.

Upgrade Minimum waiting time Chance of arrival per second Average total waiting time
No Upgrade 180 seconds 0.556% 304 seconds
Currency 120 seconds 0.833% 203 seconds
Commerce 120 seconds 0.833% 203 seconds
Currency + Commerce 60 seconds 1.667% 101 seconds
Comfort of the Hearthfires no influence multiplied by 1.2
All 60 seconds 2% 49 seconds
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